Thursday, January 17, 2013

Many Thanks!

Please help get this blog started. Your comments on the contents and construction of my web site mean a lot to mean a lot to me.


  1. Hi Bud,

    Nice photos! Haven't been thru your whole site but will enjoy so doing. Did you intend to include photos of stinging nettle leaves with the Bud Light bottle on your poem "Ode to a Bottle?" Good one!

    Blessings, Sue H.

    1. I had no idea that the plants around the bottle were stinging nettles, but now that I know, I'm impressed that they're quite appropriate. Thanx

  2. Enjoy your site. It was a blessing to meet you and your "sweetheart" at Menno Haven.

    In Him,

    Jim Manning

  3. I read the testimony entitled 'Fourth Generation.' What a trial! I am so glad the Lord preserved you and your family. There are those who completely throw the towel in. Website is simple. I like it. I also appreciate the songs you have written! I haven't looked at them all but I see the work of the Lord through those songs! I hope to be able to use them as they contain simple truths in a singable fashion!